Ballet Centre offers children and teens an opportunity to explore the arts in one convenient location. They can not only improve their creativity but also make friends and enjoy fun activities along the way. Our instructors will introduce students to various materials and concepts.

Drawing and Painting (4-8 and 9-12 Years)

Fashion Design (12-15 Years)

Interior Design (12-15 Years)

Classes (for kids ages 3-11)

Sunday – Thursday.

Taught by passionate and experienced artists.


For class sign-ups, please include the name and age of your child.

Art Classes

Drawing and Painting

4–8 and 9–12 Years

Enhance your child’s confidence creativity and patience in a fun and enjoyable way through Rita’s creative art courses in Dubai, suitable for kids of all ages. Lessons are structured to combine both theoretical and realistic approaches to classic basics art and can be thought of either in your preferred language – English, Arabic, or French.

What you will learn:

Basics of drawing and painting, grid technique, identifying basic shapes and positive and negative space, linear perspective by one vanish point, primarily colors with acrylic painting, painting using different techniques to create art in many different styles from photorealism to abstraction, and many others.

Fashion Design

12-15 Years

If you’re a teen fashion enthusiast with a raw sense of style and passion, this course is for you to make your fashion design dreams become a reality. 10 sessions x 1.5 hours full fashion design course for beginners is a complete guide to design and illustrate styles that will prepare you to be a creative fashion designer. You will gain knowledge on both traditional sketching and up-to-date design concepts to jumpstart your portfolio. You will also keep track of your progress in your “design journal” where you complete your original sketches as you progress throughout the lessons. Lessons are structured to combine both theoretical and realistic approaches to fashion design course in Dubai. It can be taught in your preferred language from English Arabic, or French.

What you will learn:

* Accurately sketch a 9 head coquis fashion figure.
* Getting familiar with fabrics and garments.
* Enjoying and learning fashion theories.
* Understanding historical perspective.
* Applying the elements and principles of design in a creative process.

Interior Design

12-15 Years

If you’re young and fond of decorating your house, have an eye for color schemes and furniture, and world love to pursue a creative career, you’ve just found your class. Learn both theory and creative tips in our interior design course. Lessons can be taught in English, Arabic or French

Interior design course for young beginners gets you covered:

√ The heart of interior design
√ Essence of interior design
√ What is a perspective
√ What is an elevation and section
√ How to use a scale ruler
√ Practicing the architecture rules
√ Applying acquired knowledge to bedroom
√ Joining technical knowledge and creativity
√ Achieve your own bedroom design

Commonly Asked Questions

The answer is simple: Now!

There are so many great reasons to start an art lesson with your child right away. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they begin to learn new skills and apply them in creative ways that you’ve never imagined. Art lessons are a fantastic way to help kids become self-directed learners.

Art Classes Timetable

Drawing and PaintingSunday10:00 AMMiss Rita
Drawing and PaintingFriday3:30PMMiss Rita