Study acting drama and musical theatre at The Ballet Centre. Your kids will learn acting skills, performance techniques, and theories of drama to help them on their way towards becoming accomplished actors. Our instructors have been in the industry for years and know all of the tips and tricks. They’re experts when it comes to teaching drama, musical theatre, acting, and improv. If you’ve been looking for drama lessons or child acting classes, look no further than Ballet Centre because we’ve got exactly what you need.

Drama is a fun way for children to develop confidence and improve concentration. Drama is a valuable tool for children to harness their natural creativity as they embark on their journey through the early years of education.


Benefits of acting classes


Drama classes boosts creativity:

Children who attend drama and acting workshops are exposed to new things and ideas that may not necessarily come easy. Therefore, this helps them think out of the box and address their issues differently.

Acting classes will build confidence:

The acting skills will help your child be more confident and talk about the issues that bother them as they will have a chance to share their story with other children who have been through similar situations. Building their confidence from an early age can go a long way in developing positive traits such as being honest, capable of accepting criticism, and being generally well-rounded individuals.

Communication Skills:

Working on a project with others and sometimes leading as the director will help your child develop better verbal and non-verbal. For example, they will learn to use facial expressions and hand gestures to communicate some subtle messages, which allows them to engage with their peers more effectively.


The drama training will allow your child to explore their creativity and ideas before being presented in performance. It may take several trials before the perfect result is achieved. Still, with continuous hard work and perseverance, they will eventually reach their goal, which will be rewarding for them as it allows them to have a sense of achievement.

Drama fosters empathy:

Your child will also develop empathy which is the ability to understand and be sensitive to the feelings of others. It will take a bit more time, but acting lessons can help your child explore their own lives and the lives of others. Then they communicate with one another, which promotes a better understanding of different people’s perspectives.

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