The drums are known for being one of the coolest instruments out there. Their loud and intense sounds are just impossible to go unnoticed! But the truth is that there is more to drums than just that. They set the beat to pretty much any song and are a key part of the very soul of music.

The reason for it is that the beat is directly connected to people’s heart rate, having the power to speed it up or slow it down to match the beat. And, maybe, that is the reason why sometimes we can feel a specific song in the heart.

Drum lessons will teach your kid the way into the very core of every song there is. And the best part is that it will be so much fun!

Classes (for kids ages 3-11)

Sunday – Thursday.

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For Drums class sign-ups, please include the name and age of your child.

Benefits of Drum Classes

It Improves Cognitive Functioning

Learning a new skill can change how neuron connections happen in the brain and can induce new brain cells.

Another thing that stimulates the brain is the fact that drum lessons require the student to develop the use of both hands, arms and, possibly, legs, which strengthens brain connections.

Besides, studies have shown that drumming can help with ADHD, autism, dementia and other neurological disorders.

Drumming Stimulates Creativity

Music is art, and art is all about creativity!

Listening to music or playing an instrument can activate and stimulate the areas of the brain that develop creativity. Also, not only can practicing the drums increase creativity by itself, but the genuine interest in music can lead students to start writing songs or just find ways to express themselves through music. And that is creativity at its best.

It's a Great Way to Make Friends

Taking a group drum class can be the perfect environment to make special connections with people that share similar interests, since the students will be spending a considerable amount of quality time together. They can even make friends for life!

It Highly Improves Coordination

Drumming demands the student to master simultaneous movement of both arms and legs. So, with time and practice, coordination skills and muscle strength get strongly developed.

It's a good Exercise

Drumming requires a lot of movements from the body. Since legs and both arms are in constant movement, and the heart rate increases, you can get pretty sweaty and burn a lot of calories during a drum class. Actually, a drum lesson can even be as physically demanding as jogging, hiking or practicing a sport!

Drumming Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Just like any other exercise, drumming releases endorphins into the brain, which is one of the substances in the brain responsible for releasing the feelings of relaxation, happiness, and well-being.


Drumming can also set the brain into a meditative mood, since music has proven to set people’s brains into a happy and relaxed mood.

Commonly Asked Questions

For the very first lesson, the student will, most likely, get an introduction on posture, how to properly hold the drum sticks, playing techniques, rudiments, and maybe take a basic look at drum sheet music.

If you are just looking to learn the basics for fun, you can take about 6 months of drum classes to be able to play along with the music.


However, if you would like to master drumming or even join a band, you will probably need about 3 years of drum lessons.

The best age to start taking drum lessons would be around 6 and 7 years old. The reason is because these are the ages where the student already has the coordination and mental focus required to play an instrument, and the learning curve is also pretty much at its maximum. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start later. It’s never too late to learn a new skill, and it’s never too late to fall in love with music.

No. Especially, in the beginning, it is not necessary for the student to own their own set of drums. However, it is good to be able to practice at home in order to achieve progress faster. So, while it is not strictly necessary, if the student has been taking classes for a while, it’s good to eventually own one.