Do you want to take your guitar picking skills from amateur to rock star? Ballet Centre offers guitar classes in Dubai at affordable rates. Join a class today and learn new riffs straight from the best instructors in Dubai.

You might think that all guitar lessons are created equal, but this isn’t the case. Whether you’re an old hand or just starting on your musical journey, there are different schools of thought when it comes to learning how to play guitar. We at Ballet Centre believe in following a curriculum that will get you up and running fast.

We offer classes depending on your skill level, be it beginner’s introduction courses to advanced techniques. At our center, you can take lessons with qualified guitar teachers who will help hone your skills and make you a better guitarist at any age.


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For guitar classes, please include the name and age of your child.

Benefits of Guitar Lessons


Memorizing scales, chords, and Rhythm are great for developing memory. Think of how valuable that skill will be when they reach high school? Even when not looking at the guitar, the ability to figure out chords and scales requires a lot of mental maths skills! Even if your child doesn’t want to become a guitarist, having improved number sense is excellent for all aspects of their lives.


Learning guitar isn’t easy. It takes a lot of time and practice. This means your child will need to focus and concentrate on what they are doing at the present moment. Memorizing scales and chords, as well as focus on Rhythm and timing, will help develop your child’s ability to focus. It also means they have a good attention span, making it easier for them to learn new concepts!


Learning how to play an instrument requires creativity! Your child will have to figure out what scales work best, what chords sound good with each song, and much more. It helps develop their ability to think creatively in different situations, which is a great life skill.

Discipline & Confidence

Learning a musical instrument takes a lot of discipline, and it’s one of the most significant benefits of guitar lessons. It also helps you develop your child’s sense of timing. Playing the guitar can help your child feel more confident and comfortable in social situations. It’s an excellent way for them to interact with their friends and also make new friends!

Commonly Asked Questions

Simple Answer: Yes, learning how to play the guitar is easy for beginners.

There are many reasons that people should learn to play the guitar. Playing guitar is a great way to pass the time, and it is relaxing. Another reason people choose to learn the guitar is that it can help one unwind from a long day at work or going to school.

People can learn how to play the guitar in a couple of weeks, but it will take practice and dedication to master the skill. It does not matter what age you are when you start playing. All that matters is that people have fun learning this new skill.

The answer to this question is pretty simple. It will never happen in just one day! If you are motivated and committed, it will take around 2-6 months of consistent practice for you to get started with the guitar. However, don’t expect to be able to play all songs after one month of guitar classes. Even if you are an experienced guitar player, it will still take more than 2-3 days to master a song completely.

It does depend on the individual. Some guitarists put in more than 8 hours a day, others more than 12 hours a day, and some hardly practice at all. Each person has their motivations for playing guitar and their own goals. It is all dependent on how much time you have, what your goals are, and what sacrifices you are willing to make for them.

Some guitarists try to improve on something that isn’t ready yet. They are practicing things before their hands are ready for it. Sure, you might be able to get away with it every once in a while, but if you do this daily or almost daily, it can inhibit your progress towards playing guitar well.