Ballet Centre offers a three months course in interior design. You will learn about geometric patterns, color theory, and how to construct full-scale 3D models of buildings from steel beams. Gain hands-on skills you’re guaranteed to put into practice every day in your job as an interior decorator.

Our Interior Design course offers various styles from modern to renaissance, even Italian, for you to learn. What will make this course remarkable? You get hands-on experience and guidance. We believe in quality instruction and high standards. Our qualified teachers will guide you to be a master of this art form.

Interior Design Certification

Sunday – Thursday.

Give a head start to your career


Why Choose Our Interior Design Course?

Job Opportunities

An interior designing course today can make you look forward to an exciting future in this field. You will have a clear advantage for your resume and be able to land a dream job when you’ve completed an interior design course, diploma, or degree. Many companies offer attractive salaries, flexible timings, and other benefits. Interior design courses can help you gain valuable career experiences and solidify your future financially.

Start a Local Interior Design Business

If you’ve been wondering how to start an interior design business, it all begins with a quality interior designing course. You will become industry-ready after completing this course. The training will help you become a professional who is always on the lookout for innovation and new styles, shapes, and designs. You will have enough confidence to start your own local business after completing this course.

Creativity and Innovation

Interior design courses can help you in developing your creative skills to think out of the box. This study teaches you about colors, shapes and designs. It also acts as an excellent platform for exploring your creativity. It makes you aware of changing trends in this industry and how they can benefit the space around us. You can implement these innovative ideas in your work and enjoy good clientele because of the style that only an experienced designer possesses.

Growing Demand

The demand for interior designers in the market is constantly growing. Many people would want to make their homes and offices beautiful and comfortable. This is where you can come in with your creative ideas and designs to help them with that. An interior designing course also means that you will be able to work on various projects alone or with a team of professionals, making every project feel like an opportunity to learn new things on the go.

Commonly Asked Questions

For those with patience, a sense of responsibility, and a good sense of time management, interior design is an excellent career choice. Those who are creative and accommodating would also find it appealing.

Interior design is one of the most popular creative industries to work in. It offers excellent opportunities for those who are passionate about all things design. You can make use of your creativity to convert interior space into something beautiful. Working as an interior designer is not easy. It needs dedication, patience, creativity, and passion for making a mark in this industry.

It depends on the firm and what you want to achieve. It is great to have a degree, but many companies prefer to hire experienced individuals. Experience can come through internships, design-related fields such as commercial construction, or writing for trade publications. Many people who become designers do it as a second career, such as real estate agents working after hours. If you are looking at the corporate world, it would be hard to get a job without a degree. It isn’t easy because many firms need designers with years of experience and rarely hire fresh graduates.

It is expected that interior design markets globally will grow exponentially by 2025. It is, of course, great news for anyone looking to get into the field of interior design. As in the rest of the world, Dubai’s interior design market is booming. You might assume that Dubai would have little demand for renovations due to its new construction and buildings. However, there are many older buildings around, and many people would like to renovate, redecorate, or improve for whatever reason.