Internationally qualified Teachers offer our Music classes. We offer private and group lessons with the option of Trinity Examinations. The benefits of learning music for kids are abundant, from encouraging creativity to promoting brain development.

Piano Lessons Dubai

Our piano lessons range from beginners to advanced. We make sure that you know as much about piano and music as an international music icon should know.

Our piano classes are individual, i.e., one student in one class only. So you are one on one with the teacher while learning the music lessons. While Learning Piano will make you a better musician and instill in you the expertise required to play piano confidently.

Vocal Coaching in Dubai

Whether you’re just starting or an international singing sensation, all singers need to have singing lessons! Some benefits of Singing Lesson: Build confidence, Vocal health, Developing your style, Breath control, Public speaking.

Flute & Violin Classes

Flute lessons are available on an individual basis (one-to-one). Our Flute Teacher is internationally qualified and owns a Master’s Degree in Performing Arts with a Major in Flute. Students are welcome to register at any level (beginners to advance). The minimum age is eight years old. Learning how to play the flute will help you focus better on any other tasks.

Information in regards to the music and guitar classes is available at the reception Jumeirah and Motorcity.


For class sign-ups, please include the name and age of your child.

Classes (for kids ages 3-11)

Sunday – Thursday.

Taught by accomplished musicians.

Benefits of Music & Singing Lessons

Brain Development and Intelligence

Playing an instrument increases IQ levels in children who play daily for at least 30 minutes. Playing a musical instrument requires both math and problem-solving skills and the ability to read music – all of which help promote brain development.

Boost Academic Performance

According to research conducted by the American Music Therapy Association, music can help children learn how to listen, follow directions and express themselves. It also helps with memory retention while promoting reduced anxiety, depression, and stress levels in these individuals.

Better Communication Skills

When children sing, they engage in creative thinking and develop their language skills. According to researchers at the University of Montreal, musically educated children tend to have better verbal abilities than those who aren’t.

Improve Nervous System Function

Music therapy is used for individuals who have experienced traumas or struggle with mental illness or illnesses that affect their nervous system.

Commonly Asked Questions

When is the right time to start someone on their musical journey? Is there an age limit? The correct answer would be no. Many famous musicians began playing very young and managed to become successful even with a late start; for example, Elton John started at 17.

And there are also many examples of people who started too early and got tired quickly, or their progress was much slower because they didn’t have the necessary hand strength or coordination.

4-year-olds can play many instruments. Some examples are the violin, the recorder, and drums. The piano can be challenging to play at age four, but most other instruments are playable. If an adult plays the instrument with the child, almost any four year old can learn to play it.

There are many advantages to starting piano lessons early in life. As children get older, it gets progressively more challenging for them to change their behavior and habits. It is especially true with physical activities like sports and playing an instrument. Thus, if you want your child to play piano, it is best to start them early.