Toddler play room at the Ballet Centre offers opportunity to your little ones develop smart brain skills while playing smart games designed and organized by professional and experienced early years educator. Play program is based on best British practices EYFS.

Why playing Smart Games are Good for Kids

And why you’re still responsible for a kid’s playing?

The play is the leading type of activity for the children during everyday life. It is one of the first steps in the formation of the child’s experiences and on its basis will be built an idea of a real life.

Play has a huge impact in the development of children’s speech and language, helps to improve cognitive abilities, strengthen social skills, develops physical strength and helps to recognize and experience a huge variety of physical skills and emotions.

Only a certain types of play lead to smart child’s brain development. To build up smart, children need to learn how to play with smart toys or smart games based on certain rules. These types of structured play will help child in boosting mental brain abilities to receipt and process information in an organized way.

Best you can do is to play with your child on a daily basis, as babies and toddlers need a key-adult beside them as more knowledgeable role model in most of activities such as daily routines, eating, communicating with others, playing as well.


There is huge market of toys and activities nowadays, and at times parents might feel frustrated what age-appropriate toy or activity to offer to their child.

• At first, we need to recognize that all children are unique and developing at their own pace.
• Another step to offer appropriate toy or game is to understand the stage of development and what skills child needs to acquire to go on next developmental stage.

At Smart Games toddler play room your child will play and develop naturally in safe environment and under supervision of early years professional childcare adults. We offer quality play time for your child and provide range of opportunities to learn and explore during precious play time. Your child will develop many life important skills, reduce screen time in front of gadgets and get ready for greater achievements in life! Baby will play while learning!

Smart Games

Saturday - Group/Private Class09:00AM - 4:00 PMMs. Tala
Sunday to Thursday - Group/Private Class 03:00AM - 06:00 PMMs. Tala

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