Our Taekwondo classes are given by professional black belts. We offer Taekwondo classes to babies and as well as advanced students in their teens. We make sure that the basics and foundation of the spiritual Taekwondo art are instilled in our pupils and we are sure that the standard of our teaching can be compared internationally.

Taekwondo classes are a mix of self-defense, group integrity exercises, and traditional martial arts. Trainees use this science to build not just their physical strength but also mental endurance for competition. Not only do we make you learn physical art but also make you exceptionally brilliant in observing the surroundings.

Learning Taekwondo is an excellent way to improve self-defense and your health. You will always remain fit and athletic as long as Taekwondo is a part of your lifestyle.

Classes (for kids ages 3-11)

Sunday – Thursday

Taekwondo lessons by World Class experts.


For class sign-ups, please include the name and age of your child.

Taekwondo Benefits for Kids

Focus & Concentration

A Taekwondo student learns how to focus their mental, physical and emotional energy towards a single goal: kicking or punching the target accurately. Martial arts training gives children an incredible advantage when it comes to schoolwork!


Students must have a high degree of body control to learn Taekwondo kicks and punches. This level of body control translates into better balance for kids.

Self Defense

Taekwondo kicks and punches can be used in self-defense situations! Research shows that children who are trained in martial arts have greater confidence to defend themselves against bullies.


Taekwondo training requires accurate and precise kicking and punching, so students are able to develop stronger muscles throughout their bodies.


Kicking, punching and other Taekwondo movements also improve a child’s balance. When kids get involved in Taekwondo, they’re preparing for sports like basketball or soccer!

Commonly Asked Questions

Kids can start training for Tae Kwon Do from the age of four to five years. Children at this age are naturally very supple and flexible, with joints that can easily perform many movements. Their balance is good as they have not yet fully developed an awareness of their body mass or gravity.

If you have younger children in the family, they can attend some of our classes as a spectator to learn the names of the techniques and how to respond when called out.

Taekwondo is one of the best martial arts for kids. Taekwondo training can be a great introduction to the martial arts for most kids. It has secular forms and is less expensive than many other martial arts. It’s the most popular martial art in many regions and kids who start in it also tend to stick with it longer.

There’s no way for you to learn everything on your own! every master has been taught by someone else before. When you join a Taekwondo class, you’ll become more disciplined in your life and make new friends. You’ll have someone there to keep you on track toward success. You’d work out harder than at home where no one is watching so you’d be focused on getting the best result possible.

A serious and dedicated student can reach black belt in 2 – 3 years. A less ambitious student may take five. For some, it can take a year to move up a single belt. The progress of students will vary by instructor and individual style, but most instructors follow basic guidelines set by the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) for their country.

Taekwondo Classes Timetable

Tkdo BabiesSaturday9:30AMSabum
Tkdo BabiesSunday9:30AMSabum
Tkdo BabiesWednesday 3:30PMSabum
Tkdo BeginnerSaturday10:00AMSabum
Tkdo BeginnerSunday10:00AMSabum
Tkdo BeginnerWednesday4:00PMSabum
Tkdo IntermediateSaturday11:00AMSabum
Tkdo IntermediateSunday11:00AMSabum
Tkdo IntermediateWednesday5:00PMSabum
Tkdo AdvancedSaturday12:00PMSabum
Tkdo AdvancedSunday12:00PMSabum
Tkdo AdvancedWednesday6:00PMSabum
Tkdo AdultWednesday7:00PMSabum
Tkdo BabiesSaturday9:30MSabum
Tkdo BabiesTuesday3:45PMSabum
Tkdo Beginner/IntermediateSunday11:10AMSabum
Tkdo Beginner/IntermediateTuesday4:20PMSabum
Tkdo AdvancedSaturday10:00AMSabum
Tkdo AdvancedTuesday5:25PMSabum
Tkdo AdultTuesday6:30PMSabum