acting classes

People often ask kids what they want to be when they grow up. While there are infinite answers to that question, a common one is “I want to be an actor” (or they will just probably answer that they want to be on TV). There is no doubt about why this is such a frequent answer since they are constantly being entertained and inspired by their favorite characters and shows. And, of course, at some point, these kids are going to ask their parents to let them take acting classes.

On the other hand, there are those kids who would rather be something else when they grow up and have never really shown interest in acting. Well, acting classes can be great for those too.

The fact is that whether you are trying to encourage your kid’s dream or not, acting classes have a handful of benefits for your kids as they grow up and develop into adults. The great thing about acting classes is that its benefits and effects on kids will start to show in a short term and follow them through life, helping to shape kids into the adults they will turn out to be one day.

So, even if your kid has not asked to take acting classes, it’s worth giving it a shot. For one, they will probably end up loving it! And it will go a long way in helping them to become confident, social and skilled people (and professionals).

Find out what are those benefits below:

Acting Lessons can Build Up Confidence

It takes preparation, commitment and, especially, confidence to stand on stage and perform an art piece in front of hundreds of people.

That is why there are different exercises that will be practiced throughout the year that will help the kids to develop a confident voice, a confident body and, most importantly, a confident portrayal of a character. So when they finally go on stage they feel ready to give their best. And, with years of practice, comes a greater and deeper learning on confidence.

It Works on Their Speech

You have probably heard the words “Unique New York” before. This is an exercise that actors and speakers do in order to train their speech skills.

The audience needs to understand what the actors are saying on stage. So some of the exercises the kids will perform during class and before each performance are speech and diction training. And that helps make them become adults with amazing speaking and presentation skills.

It Boosts Public Speaking Skills

Speaking of presentation skills and confidence, theatre classes help boost public speaking skills because, not only it works on their speech, diction and confidence, but also works on how they can properly use their voices in order to be perfectly heard and understood, and how to overcome shyness.

They Work on Their Voice in Acting Classes

As stated above, acting classes work on how to properly use your voice. But what does that mean?

Theatre classes have numerous exercises to work on the tone, the voice, breathing and the diaphragm in order for actors to maximize their voices, reach the right tone and volume for a scene without harming their vocal chords.

They Get Voiceover Training

Speaking of voice training, career-wise, acting classes can create more than future professional actors and actresses. Should they choose to follow acting as a career, with all of the acting experience and voice training, your kids can also grow up to be voice actors or do voice overs for commercials. 

It Helps Develop Social Skills

Acting classes are all about teamwork and interaction! Your kids will learn to interact with other kids, even if they have different personalities or do not belong to the same friend group. Besides, theatre classes need lots of communication so your kids will learn to interact, deal and communicate with other people.

It’s a Great Way to Make Friends

Between classes, rehearsals and performances, kids that belong to the same theatre group will spend a lot of time together. Most theatre groups see each other as a family! So your kids will be able to make new friends and those friendships can last a lifetime!

It’s Good for the Memory

It’s no secret that actors need to memorize a big number of lines. That is why acting classes are so great for the memory!

It Teaches Self-Expression and Creativity

To portray a character means to express yourself as them on many levels: the voice, the body, face expressions and, sometimes, actors really connect emotionally with their characters.

As a final result, actors need to really express their characters. So acting classes are filled with self expression and creativity exercises that can benefit all kids but, especially the ones that are shy.

It Teaches Ability to Work Under Pressure

Performing in front of an audience is already a fair amount of pressure – in a positive way. But, beyond that, actors need to be able to think fast should any sudden changes happen right before the performance or even during a scene. That is, definitely, something that will teach your kids how to think fast and be able to work under pressure.

It’s Fun!

From the very first class to the final performance, acting classes are fun! They are filled with laughter, creativity and friends. It is a safe space to express themselves where they will always feel welcome and everybody will embrace the craziness within each one. Even though theatre demands commitment and a lot of training, every moment of it is just pure fun!

There are so many long-term benefits in taking acting classes as a kid, it’s hard to learn about them all and not go running to enroll them in drama lessons right away. Well, it’s probably a good idea. And, who knows? They might end up in Hollywood!

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