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Professional Teachers

Learn from the best: Our instructors bring global music expertise to your child.


State-of-the-art facilities designed for fun, immersive learning, and growth.

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One-on-one development in piano, singing, flute, violin, guitar, and drums.

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From preschoolers to young adults, music classes for every stage.

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A legacy since 1985: Over 800 students trained for excellence.

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Customer Reviews

"Dance has always been a stress reliever. It's always helped me cope with anything going on in life outside of dance such as school, family, friends. It's never felt like work. I always enjoy it."
Casey Camball
"Ballet has helped with my social and emotional well-being. I have definitely gained confidence and self-esteem. It's also my form of stress relief. I love coming to class. It gives me a sense of belonging."
Anis Zahari

Learn From Professional Music Teachers

Ravien Prakash
Head of Music
Tarek Albadry
Music Teacher

Common Questions

When is the right time to start someone on their musical journey? Is there an age limit? The correct answer would be no. Many famous musicians began playing very young and managed to become successful even with a late start; for example, Elton John started at 17.

And there are also many examples of people who started too early and got tired quickly, or their progress was much slower because they didn’t have the necessary hand strength or coordination. So, when should you start music lessons? Whenever your interest is sparked!

4-year-olds can play many instruments. Some examples are the violin, the recorder, and drums. The piano can be challenging to play at age four, but most other instruments are playable. If an adult plays the instrument with the child, almost any four year old can learn to play it.


There are many advantages to starting piano lessons early in life. As children get older, it gets progressively more challenging for them to change their behavior and habits. It is especially true with physical activities like sports and playing an instrument. Thus, if you want your child to play piano, it is best to start them early.


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