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Choosing a dance school for their kids can be confusing for parents who are new to dancing. Currently, there are a large number of dance schools across Dubai. What are your methods for identifying a quality dance school for your child?

When choosing a dance school, there are several things to consider. Let’s have a look:

1) Credentials to teach:

The instructors should have the proper credentials to be teaching dance. This includes having a degree in dance, or at least experience in dancing and choreography. Keep in mind that not all good dances are equally good at teaching. Good teachers undergo proper training. Make sure the teacher is certified and has the appropriate credentials.
They should also have a certification in first aid and CPR in case of any accidents.

2) The size of the school:

You don’t want your child to be one among many in a large class. It’s better to go for a school with smaller classes so your child can get more individual attention. Having said this, the school should also have a good student-teacher ratio.

3) Variety of classes:

The school should offer a variety of dance styles such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, and modern. This will give your child a chance to try different styles and find the one they like the best.

4) Facilities:

The school should have a spacious dance studio with high-quality mirrors and good lighting. It should also have a comfortable waiting area for parents.

5) The philosophy of the school:

Every school has its own philosophy on dance. Some schools focus on classical ballet, while others emphasize street dancing. You need to make sure the school’s philosophy matches your own values and preferences.

6) Age range of students:

The dance school should cater to children of all ages, starting from 3. This way, your child can continue taking classes at the same school even as they grow older.

7) Cost:

The fees charged by the dance school should be reasonable. Compare the prices of different schools before making a decision.

8) Schedule:

The dance classes should be scheduled at a convenient time for you and your child.

9) Location:

It would help if you chose a dance school close to your home or work. This will make it easier for you to get there without any hassles.

10) Safe dance practices:

The school should adhere to safe dance practices and policies for emergencies. There should be a first aid kit and a trained first aider on premises at all times.

There is a risk of injury with any physical activity. Good dance studios will do their best to minimize those risks.

The dance school should have a well-maintained and safe dance floor. The studio should also be adequately ventilated. Dance studios often have beautiful wooden floors, but the slippery surface makes it difficult to dance on. Each dance type requires a different kind of dance floor. It is very important to visit the site before enrolling.

11) Positive learning environment:

The teachers at the dance school should be positive and encouraging. They should also be good role models for your child. It is important that your child feels comfortable and cared for in this environment.

12) Parental involvement:

The dance school should encourage parental involvement by organizing events to watch their children perform. This will help you to see your child’s progress first-hand.

13) Good communication:

The dance school should have good communication with parents. They should keep you updated on your child’s progress and let you know about any issues, upcoming events, or performances.

14) Accreditation:

A recognized organization should accredit the dance school. This will ensure that the school follows high standards and provides quality education.

These are some of the things to keep in mind when choosing a dance school for your child. With a bit of research, you’re sure to find the perfect place for your little one to learn and grow their passion for dance!

About our Dance school:

The Ballet Centre is Dubai’s oldest dance school, and it aims to produce world-class dancers. We are offering different types of dance classes in Dubai, including but not limited to Ballet, Tap, Modern Dance, and Rhythmic Gymnastics. Our instructors are certified, and world-renowned accreditation bodies recognize our school.
Kids and adults alike can benefit significantly from dance lessons, which also teach self-discipline and body control. Anyone can enjoy dancing, no matter their age, size, or fitness level.