Four tight strings, a bow, and a world of infinite sounds. The violin is a versatile and beautiful high-pitched instrument that reveals more of itself as you play. If you’d love to be a master of awe-inspiring sounds, now’s the best time to take violin classes at Ballet Centre.

From beginner-friendly curriculums to world-class techniques and qualified instructors, our violin classes are created to help you become the best violin player you can be. Imagine you are seated in a dark hall, perhaps as a member of an orchestra. You finish playing, the lights come up, and people applaud your great performance. This could be you or your kid with our violin lessons.

At Ballet Centre, our violin classes are personalized to all ages and skill levels. We pride ourselves on our reputation as the oldest dance school in Dubai to be the best destination for high-quality violin classes.

Classes (for kids ages 3-11)

Sunday – Thursday.

Dubai’s Oldest Music School. Get the Training From World Class professional musicians.


Benefits of Violin Lessons

Physical Benefits

Learning how to play the violin is like going to the gym to have fun. As you maneuver your hand to hit different notes with precision, you put your shoulder muscles and upper arms to work. Over time, you’ll look physically toned in these areas, and have better sitting posture and enhanced motor skills.

Mental Benefits

It takes skill and dedication to become a master at playing the violin. From memorizing chords to learning complex concepts, and playing with an orchestra, violin lessons are great for developing better memory. They have also been shown to have positive effects on various aspects of mental health – improvement in moods, increased self-esteem, and increased motivation.

Social Benefits

Violin is indeed an instrument for music lovers to connect and socialize. Taking violin classes is a great way to make friends and share interests with others. For kids, being a member of performance builds confidence, self-esteem, and a sense of belonging.

Personal Benefits

The violin is a sophisticated instrument that only the player can fathom its musical expressiveness. Playing the violin helps you become more in tune with yourself and your abilities. You can paint your emotions through high-pitched sounds and above all express yourself in a creative way! Over time, you build tough discipline and concentration that can be applied in other areas of life.

Career Benefits

Violin is one of the most loved musical instruments that sits at the intersection of smooth sounds and highly varied movements. Many people from all walks of life attend music shows with family and friends to get entertained. Learning to play the violin can open up many career opportunities for all ages, especially kids.

FAQs About Our Violin Classes

Yes, the violin is easy to learn for beginners. However, you should know that mastering the violin does take time and dedication. You will have to practice for hours every day if you want to be good at it.

At Ballet Centre, our Violin classes are designed for students who have little or no experience with the instrument. We focus on basic skills, like posture and proper grip, in order to develop the hand-eye coordination needed for playing. Then you’ll learn about music theory and composition, and how to practice your scales, arpeggios, and patterns.

Our Violin classes are for people of all ages. However, the best ages for kids to learn the violin are 4-6 years old. At this point, they are young enough to make mistakes early and master the art as they grow.

No matter what your age, you will get the same quality of education from the Ballet Centre. We have certified and qualified teachers who are masters of the violin themselves. They have passed our rigorous examinations and meet certain standards regarding their education and experience with teaching students of all ages.

The answer is yes and a “but”. There are many resources available online which will help you learn how to play the violin. In addition, some books can help you understand how music works and how different instruments work together in creating a song or piece of music.


The Violin is an instrument that is built on technical flexibility. At some point, you’d hit some roadblocks that can be hard to overcome with online lessons. If you’d love to play the violin with absolute mastery and collaborate with other learners as you progress, then you want to learn from a teacher. This is what Ballet Centre is about. We want you to experience the immense beauty of the violin in person.